Training for non-softies… Russian style!

Russian mixed martial artist Khabib Nurmagomedov prepares for his next fight… and this is one sports star who doesn’t take the “river less travelled”. 

Khabib braves the fast-flowing, freezing waters of a river in Dagestan, Russia as he trains for his next fight against Tony Ferguson. For mere mortals this is madness, but when you want to rise to the top in your field, you just HAVE to go the extra mile and endure tough conditions.

I think some of our current sports stars could take a lesson from his training regimes… especially the Proteas who needed an extra rest day between the 1st and 2nd Tests against India in October 2019. Ya, it was a bit hot for them standing on the field for two full days!



Moral of the story? If you want it, if you have the hunger, then you have to push yourself AND you have to do more and for longer than your opponents.

That’s how you rise to the top.

OK, perhaps a freezing river in Russia is just a little bit “kray kray”, but it illustrates the point perfectly.

Screengrab: Instagram/HouseofHighlights

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