Winster reminds us: if they miss, you hit!

SWD’s Jane Winster showed off-spinners how it’s done with a well planned over to help the Coronation to victory over the Thistles in their CSA Women’s Super League match at Newlands in December 2019.

In this over Winster showed the importance for an off-spinner of continuing to give the ball some flight, even with the batters trying to hit out or advancing down the pitch.

She didn’t revert to what many offies do by bowling flatter and flatter, which plays into the hands of batters. Say it with me: flatter and flatter plays to the batter!

How does this work?

With less flight there is less spin on the ball, but at the same time the path from bowler’s hand to the bat is more predictable, meaning the balls comes onto the bat faster and it is easier for the batter to get it away from runs, either by glancing it, driving it or hitting over the top.

Instead, Winster kept varying her flight and her line and length, until the coup de grace off the final ball off her over where the old adage for bowlers rang true – bowl on the stumps because if they miss, you hit!

Well bowled Jane!

Jane’s over offers a great lesson for all bowlers, but offies in particular. Keep your head, vary things sensibly, but stay true to your discipline and trust in your skills.

Footage: Cricket South Africa & Pitchvision



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