Whiteball batting inspiration…

What to do before a whiteball innings? Watch this video!

Have a watch of this video to build your confidence while you wait for your chance to bat in your next whiteball match. Even if it’s the last over, you don’t want to go slashing wildly at every ball: controlled hitting is the way to go, hitting smoothly and confidently through the ball like England’s whiteball Stars Dawid Malan and Ben Stokes.

Don’t you just love that perfect sound of leather on willow?

So that’s the technical approach… mentally it’s good to be feeling confident, and seeing and hearing batters hitting powerfully and with control through the ball is just perfect to get you in the right mindset for when you hit the crease. So watch this the night before the match and if you can, spool it a couple of times before you go out to bat.

Good luck, and happy hitting!

PS Not quite the right viewing for redball cricket, unless a declaration is in the air. We’re working on a video to get you in the groove to build your innings!

Footage: ECB

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