Giving fans the WOW of the action

Absolutely astounding camera work shown in this clip from the NFL that was published on the House of Highlights Instagram page.

Camerawork like this takes the game to a whole new level and really brings the audience into the game and lets them feel the crunch!

This is the type of thinking and visualization people in all sports media need to do to keep moving the bar to engage their audience and to grow their audience. It brings the sport to life.

Poor camera coverage (as well as poor, lifeless commentary!) really dulls a game down, which is sad because often he action is a whole bunch better than you see on TV.

English premiership soccer is well supported and it has a huge audience but a small part of that is the excellent commentary and camerawork.

By contrast, South African soccer is often seriously maligned as being of a poor standard, but the reality is that the skill and excitement of SA soccer isn’t clearly shown because they have so few cameras and the audience isn’t taken into the action as in the EPL.

The standard isn’t as high of course, but the TV coverage certainly let’s SA soccer down compared to the EPL.

So while we expect the players to keep raising their standards, we need to hold the media to the same standards when it comes to raising their respective bar.


Footage and screengrab: Instagram/House of Highlights

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