Swing and a miss!

An insane pitch that seems to defy gravity, the laws of physics… and even good sporting manners.

Haven’t watched this guy pitch before so don’t know if this is his go-to technique or if it’s his wildcard delivery, but it looks like an insane, unplayable pitch to strike the batter out.

If you slow it down you can see that for spectators it’s something of an optical illusion as the pitch is actually pretty straight… if you see where he let the ball go from.

Of course he’s added a lot of spin and his control and accuracy is phenomenal, making it close to impossible to hit, especially as it started on line of the strike zone in terms of the batters eyeline… so he had to swing… yet he had no practical chance of hitting the ball based on the line he believed it was coming to him at.

The trick? Realize that small changes in the moment of delivery and your body position can have a massive impact on the cricket or baseball batter’s ability to get bat on a ball.

The surprise factor is part of the trick, but faultless execution – no doubt built on many years of practice – is what seals the deal!

Well played, brother.

Photo: ESPN (Instagram)

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