The beautiful art of the leg-spinner

Watching a good legspinner at work is one of my favorite parts of cricket. Nothing better. The artistry the control the precision… and the fact that a slight misjudgment gives the batter the opportunity to smash the bowler over the ropes. And yet, the next ball, back on the spot, the batter can either look like a fool or have to defend with the very best technique.

Unlike any other bowler, the legspinner holds so much control and possibilities in each delivery. It’s magic. Incredibly difficult to master as a skill, but all the more reason to throw yourself into he challenge.

Great coaching and mentoring makes a massive difference for a leggie but like in all aspects of sport, don’t anchor yourself by the limitations of not having a coach or equipment… go out and make magic.

Footage: Instagram/PalandChatterjeeCricketAcademy


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