Aiden Markram’s 127 for the Titans against the Dolphins dominated the Momentum One Day Cup final on 31 March 2019 … but Dolphins keeper Dane Vilas pulled off a Spider-man move behind the stumps that didn’t get much attention because his effort didn’t result in Theunis de Bruyn being stumped … but it was an inspiring piece of keeping nonetheless.

Two things impressed me about this piece of cricket. First, Vilas’ awareness to throw the ball at the stumps while he was rolling. Great work.

Secondly, the ball spun massively away from the direction that Vilas was diving in … yet he managed to gather the ball and still throw it at the stumps as he rolled. That was incredible.

It didn’t make a difference to the match, but it’s a really good example of being super aware of what’s happening

on the field, as well as having the athletic ability and ball skill to catch a spinning ball and shy at the stumps.

That’s the sign of a great cricketer and it’s something players at all levels can strive to do that will improve their play but also give them the edge that can sometimes be the difference between winning and losing.

Well played Dane.

Footage: Supersport