About The Ball

The Ball is an online sports magazine that focusses on cricket, soccer, rugby, tennis and golf, but we also feature other ball sports as well as a wide range of athletic endeavours.

Our first love is ball sports, but we don’t want to limit ourselves, especially as many ball sports players also enjoy other sports.

The Ball started as a print magazine in 2005 that lasted for just one issue, but it was resurrected as a one-off digital magazine in 2012. Sadly, that also lasted just one issue due to other work commitments.

We’ll make both of these issues available online in the near future.

The Ball will feature news and even sports scores and match reports on an ad hoc basis, but we don’t intend to be a news bureau – there are far too many great sites that already cater for those needs.

Instead, The Ball aims to share sporting insights for fans to give them food for thought as well as offering some coaching ideas for players of all levels. And news that we feel at the time might be interesting or of relevance. But don’t expect any consistency in our news coverage.

While some of our coaching tips and hints will be aimed at more experienced players, a lot of our content is intended to be accessible and relevant for beginners and especially for moms and dads who might not have much sporting knowledge or experience but who want to help guide and mentor their sons and daughters.

While we will publish interviews with world-class sports stars when possible, a big focus for us will be featuring and promoting amateur and semi-professional sportsmen and sportswomen, as well as youth sport.

At times The Ball might seem to have an identity crisis, but our consistency will be based on our love for sport at all levels and finding the sports people and sports stories to feature that interest, entertain and inspire us.

We hope you enjoy the journey with The Ball and we welcome your own sporting ideas and insights.


Editor, The Ball